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How to Begin With Planning a Funeral Home and Cremations in West Palm Beach, FL

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When a loved one dies, something you will have to decide soon after is whom you will hire to help you with the needs surrounding services such as a funeral home and cremations in West Palm Beach, FL. Even if you plan to hold simplified services or only focus on the body disposition, you will need the aid of professionals in this process. While cost is understandably a factor, it is crucial to look for professionalism and integrity too. Looking for a provider with experience and a full panel of service options is a perfect place to begin.

Keep an eye out for establishments that are transparent and upfront about their prices and policies. It is also reassuring to look for those who tout membership and good standing with regulating bodies such as the National Funeral Directors Association. Look for reviews and ask others you know with whom they have worked. Finally, look for a firm that provides a full array of services to find well-trained and qualified experts.

If your loved one’s death is expected and they pass away at home, you will call the hospice or doctor who is overseeing their care. However, if that is not applicable, you will need to contact law enforcement authorities to move forward with their care. 

Services Types Guide Your Plans for Funeral Home and Cremations in West Palm Beach, FL

Funerals are a difficult subject for many people, and it can be hard to know what you should expect and you are thinking about pre-planning. Here we'll cover the basics of planning your funeral in detail so that everything runs smoothly from start-to-finish without any surprises or regrets! Once your loved one has been transferred into the keeping of a competent provider, you will be invited to meet with the director to design final arrangements together. In that meeting, you will likely talk of many things such as funeral home and cremations in West Palm Beach, FL but could also cover topics like these:

Traditional Burials: These often follow conventional funeral services. Burials are generally located at a memorial park or cemetery. Many of these establishments now offer above-ground burial solutions via mausoleum crypts or columbaria walls. Traditional ground burial for caskets and urns is also widely available. One benefit to having a burial site is that a permanent place of memorial is naturally now in existence. This can be a great support to bereaved family or friends who wish to visit while working through the layers of loss.

Cremation Services and Disposition: As a means to prepare the body for final disposition, cremation is a process that alters the body into its most basic elemental form through controlled burning. Any fragments of bones that were not entirely consumed will be ground down for consistent texture and given to the family for placement. The final resting place could vary significantly for cremains. Ash scattering, formal burial, or inurned displays are just a few of these.

Graveside Funerals: Sometimes, simpler is best. A funeral service right at the graveside can be a beautiful way to honor a well-lived life. Having a service surrounding the casket at the burial site can be intimate and offer healing closure. These services can include a smaller or larger guest list.

Memorial Ceremonies: If funeral services are not practical or possible, consider holding a memorial service or ceremony at a later time. These honoring ceremonies are held without the remains in attendance, which can also simplify the planning process. In addition, to remember and say goodbye, honoring services can invite acceptance and healing.

Select Services for Special Circumstances

In situations where a death occurs during travel or away from where the remains will be laid to rest, it is good to know a bit more about domestic and international transfer shipping. It is not legal to move deceased remains over state lines and borders without the appropriate licenses. If you have this selected need, be sure to ask all of your questions when hiring for this service. You definitely need a well-experienced and qualified firm to support this delicate and important move to the final destination. 

Bereavement Resources

When you are making plans for the death care of your loved one, it is imperative that you take care of yourself and look to other survivors who are in your care. Bereavement support can take many forms and vary according to the needs of each individual. Equipping yourself with available tools and resources (both digital and in-person) while you find what works for you can be a powerful piece of your healing journey. 

Quality Funerary and Death Care Services for Immediate and Future Needs

Though making plans for final services related to a funeral home and cremations in West Palm Beach, FL is a heavy burden, it need not be approached without supportive professionals. Call the industry experts at Lakeside Funeral Home & Cremation Care to learn more about our process. Available by phone 24/7 for those immediate needs, dial (561) 557-4739 for assistance. Our warmly welcoming facilities can be toured by appointment at 11347 Okeechobee Blvd, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411.

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